Pertaining To Demand Rising Everywhere, The Global Privacy Filters Market To Observe Growth

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

Privacy filters are increasingly used in display screens for the purpose of decreasing the transmission of blue light and an additional layer of protection for the screens from day to day scratches or any other harm.

There have been growing concerns regarding visual hacking all around the globe. When employees make poor selections in how they display and access sensitive data, visual hacking may take place. Malicious hackers or curious individuals may easily hack data visible on screens and documents on vacant desks, which make data more susceptible. Enterprisers’ have set the need to security and privacy as a priority in the recent times to decrease the instances that may jeopardize privacy of data, several measures to limit visual theft issue or visual hacking are being undertaken by them.

Privacy filter technology ensures that the data on the screen blacks out so as to be visible only to the person sitting directly in front of the computer or laptop system. These filters safeguard LCD screens which are delicate from scratches, fingerprints or any other damages that threaten. Additionally, they reduce ELF/VLF E- field and also reduces static charge and dust buildup when properly grounded and are designed to facilitate residual- free removal.

The growing demand for privacy filters is driving the growth of the global privacy market which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% in terms of revenue during the forecast period through 2017 to 2025. Furthermore, the global privacy filters market is expected to achieve a total market value crossing $1 billion by the end of this forecast period.

Here are some more points that explain about the global privacy filters market:

  • The global privacy filters market can be segmented on the basis of type, under which the PVC filters market has been holding a dominant share of the global market by almost 55% in the year 2016. The share in terms of volume has been growing at a significant rate and is expected to maintain its growth throughout the forecast period.
  • The PVC filters have contributed significantly to the growth given its wide acceptance. It can further be classified into either rigid (RPVC) or flexible.
  • Some of the most prominent players operating in the global privacy filters market include ZAGG Inc.,V7Company, Kensington Computer Products Group Inc.,Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company,Targus Group International, Inc.,3M Company, Fellowes, Inc.,Dell Technologies Inc., Lenovo Group Limited, among others.

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