Custom Research

Market research is a multi-faceted domain and the needs of organizations may vary depending on the current industry trends or growth plans of organization or any other strategic requirements. We, at Acumen Research and Consulting, offer custom research solutions to our clients across the world. This involves creating an actionable and tailored solutions based on the requirements shared by clients. Our custom solution is an extension of our syndicate research wherein if any of our syndicate research is unable to aptly meet your requirement, we can customize the scope of study to match these requirements.

The custom solutions involve bringing in our domain specific know how in gauging the information sought by the clients. Once the scope of research is finalized, our team of Analysts initiates the work on report and reaches primary respondents for extracting market information. During the course of research, our Analysts regularly share their findings with the client and take continuous feedbacks to avoid any data mismatch and discrepancy at the end of research work. The data is also cross verified with our in-house team of subject matter experts. Additionally, our custom research services are packaged flexibly to suit varied budgets, information depth, and crunched timelines. Some of our core areas of expertise include

Market Sizing and Forecasting

  •  > Market Classification/Segmentation
  •  > Market Sizing
  •  > Revenue Forecasting
  •  > Recommendations

Strategic Planning

  •  > Investment Analysis
  •  > Market Attractiveness

Competitive Landscape

  •  > Market Share Analysis
  •  > Company Analysis
  •  > Strategy Analysis
  •  > Product Differentiation

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