Global Bio-decontamination Equipment Market Worth Around $182 Million By 2025: Acumen Research and Consulting

Author: Acumen Research and Consulting

Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research studies, in a latest published report titled “Bio-decontamination Equipment Market (Type: Chamber Decontamination, Room Decontamination; Application: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Bioscience Research, Hospital & Healthcare) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2018 - 2025”, estimates that global bio-decontamination equipment market is expected to reach the market value of around $182 million by 2025 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 5% in terms of revenue during the forecasting period 2018-2025. 
Infectious virus spreading is well recognized to decontaminate it because of its wide organic adequacy and can rapidly deactivate microorganisms more adequately than conventional decontamination strategies, for example, formaldehyde. Certain types of viruses have been tested on many individual microorganisms and classes of organisms successfully and have excellent material compatibility. Modern technology enables clients to leave computer equipment or any other devices in the room during bio-decontamination process, unlike with other disinfection regimes, which can lead to damage of equipment. Bio-decontamination systems operate at room temperature with relative humidity, unlike with traditional systems. Modern innovation empowers customers to leave computer equipment or some other gadgets in the room amid bio- decontamination process, unlike with other cleansing routines, which can damage the equipments. Bio-decontamination systems function at room temperature with relative stickiness, without requirement for significantly reduced humidity as compared to the traditional one. Moreover, bio-decontamination equipment market increases due to large number of aging population and broad technical applications like effort of governments in reducing the number of hospital acquired diseases and strict regulations in using medical equipment. 
There is an increasing awareness and numerous initiatives to implement decontamination practices; set by various regulatory bodies in different countries. Furthermore, high adoption of technologically advanced medical equipment, rising demand for bio-contamination products and growing number of hospital acquired diseases also boosts the bio-decontamination equipment market. Conversely, lack of awareness about the use of advanced bio-decontamination equipment and strict regulations in using medical equipment in some regions is hampering the market growth. On the other hand, to prevent wide scale distribution of these infections, controlling the same is a primary concern. The use of bio disinfectants in room as well as chamber for disposing or eradicating sources which have probability to cause an infection has gained large popularity. It is further expected that this market will witness prosperous growth owing to the ever increasing threat from infectious sources.
Segment Dominance 
Lowering energy utilization and constraining carbon footprints have turned into a vital subject over the world—in our homes, on our streets, and in our work environments. Utilizing less energy eases the strain on earth, which turns out to be progressively fundamental as our populace and industries keep on developing. Vivariums have been progressively dedicated to uniting the green development with newer, increasingly effective items being acquainted with help cut down on water, power, and time. One of the most up to date strategies for lessening vitality utilization in a vivarium or research office is the utilization of cleaning chamber. Purification chambers offer a totally fixed chamber for cleaning of equipment and materials entering or leaving barrier facility, or for item decontamination inside the facility. While autoclaves use steam and high temperatures to clean things inside, decontamination chambers utilize synthetic sterilants, for example, chlorine dioxide gas and vapor stage hydrogen peroxide. Consequently, chamber decontamination has many features as compared to room decontamination, which in turn holds a principle share in bio-decontamination market and expected to continue its growth throughout the forecasting timeframe.
Regional Outlook
North America dominates the global bio-decontamination equipment market due to large number of aging population and broad technical applications of bio-decontamination equipment. Europe is the second largest contributor to the global market where increasing investments in healthcare sector, growing demand for decontamination equipment, strict regulations in using medical equipment, growing number of hospital acquired diseases, and increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are the key aspects supporting this growth. Besides, China held the third position in total consumption of the market owing to factors such as stringent regulations in surgical and medical device usage for infection control and medical safety, growing number of pharmaceutical, medical devices, increasing investment for the development of healthcare infrastructure, and adoption of newer technologies in bio-decontamination process. Japan and India also held significant share in the world market and are anticipated to grow at fast pace due to growing awareness towards health issues and increasing investments in R&D.
Pharmaceuticals Segment Projected to Witness Highest Growth 
The pharmaceuticals business faces expanding strain to guarantee the integrity of their items and preserve amenities that are free from contamination of any kind. Inability to keep up good manufacturing practices (CGMC) has demonstrated to have pulverizing outcomes from hazardous health dangers, to an organizations' reputation, to the primary concern. Pharmaceutical makers must figure out how to keep their facilities sterile and shielded from risky microorganisms. This can be accomplished by bio-decomposition equipment usage efficiently and effectively. Besides, factors such as safety and health issues, expanded scrap rates and lost production, obligation regulatory attention and liability exposures, brand deflation, decreased enterprise importance likewise help to enlarge the interest of bio-decomposition market in pharmaceutical division.
Key Players
The major market players sustain competitive boundary in the global market by making investments in mergers and acquisitions and by escalating their product portfolio. The report includes detailed profiles of the prominent market players that are trending in the market. Some of the vital players operating in the global bio-decontamination equipment market, profiled in the report include Noxilizer, Howorth Air Technology, JCE Biotechnology, TOMI Environmental Solutions, STERIS Life Science, Bioquell, Fedegari Group, Tailin BioEngineering, Weike Biological Laboratory, and others.
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