Glycerol Monostearate Market Size Projected to Garner USD 2.8 Billion by 2032 growing at 5.9% CAGR - Exclusive Report by Acumen Research and Consulting

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The Global Glycerol Monostearate Market Size is predicted to reach USD 2.8 Billion by 2032 from USD 1.6 Billion in 2022, at a CAGR of 5.9% between 2023 and 2032, as per the Acumen Research and Consulting

In recent years, glycerol monostearate (GMS) has seen a notable surge in its application across various industries owing to its versatile properties and functional benefits. GMS, a compound derived from natural sources such as animal fats or vegetable oils, serves as an emulsifier, thickening agent, and stabilizer in numerous products. Its ability to enhance texture, stability, and shelf life makes it highly desirable for diverse industrial applications.

In the food industry, GMS is extensively utilized in the production of baked goods, dairy products, confectionery, and processed foods. Its emulsifying properties aid in creating smooth textures and preventing ingredient separation in products like ice cream and margarine. Additionally, GMS functions as a lubricant in food processing, facilitating easier handling and packaging of products. Moreover, its role as a stabilizer contributes to prolonging the shelf life of various food items, reducing the need for artificial preservatives. In cosmetics, GMS is utilized in formulations such as creams, lipsticks, and moisturizers for its emollient properties, which help to soften and hydrate the skin. With increasing consumer demand for multifunctional and high-performance ingredients, the versatile nature of glycerol monostearate continues to drive its adoption across various industrial sectors, promising further growth and innovation in the coming years.

Glycerol Monostearate Market Value

Glycerol Monostearate Market Statistics

  • Global glycerol monostearate market value was worth USD 1.6 Billion in 2022, with a 5.9% CAGR from 2023 to 2032
  • Asia-Pacific glycerol monostearate market share occupied around 31% in 2022
  • By application, the emulsifier segment captured the majority share of the market in 2022
  • By end-use, the food & beverages segment is expected to show noticeable growth during the predicted period
  • Expansion of the cosmetics and personal care industry, propel the glycerol monostearate market revenue

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Glycerol Monostearate Market Trends

The market for glycerol monostearate (GMS) has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by its wide-ranging applications across various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care. The growing demand for processed and convenience foods has been a key factor propelling the expansion of the GMS market, particularly in baked goods, dairy products, and confectionery. Its effectiveness as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickening agent has made it indispensable in food manufacturing, where maintaining product quality, texture, and shelf life is paramount.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors have emerged as significant contributors to the increasing demand for GMS. In pharmaceuticals, GMS is utilized in topical formulations such as creams, ointments, and lotions, where it enhances texture, stability, and absorption of active ingredients. Similarly, in cosmetics and personal care products, GMS serves as an emollient and emulsifier, imparting desirable properties such as smoothness and moisture retention to creams, lotions, and cosmetics. As consumer preferences continue to shift towards natural and multifunctional ingredients, the market for glycerol monostearate is expected to witness continued growth, driven by its versatility and efficacy across diverse applications. Industry players are also focusing on research and development to expand the scope of GMS applications and cater to evolving market demands, further fueling market expansion in the foreseeable future.

Glycerol Monostearate Market Segmentation

Acumen Research and Consulting has segmented the global glycerol monostearate market by purity, application, end-use, and region.

  • By purity, the industry is categorized into <90%, and >90%.
  • By application, the market is divided into emulsifier, preservative, thickener, and others.
  • By end-use, the market is bifurcated into food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care & cosmetics, and others.
  • By region, the market is classified into Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the MEA.

Glycerol Monostearate Market Regional Overview

According to the glycerol monostearate industry analysis, Europe has emerged as a growing region in the glycerol monostearate (GMS) market, driven by several factors that include increasing consumer demand for processed foods, expanding pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and stringent regulations favoring the use of safe and effective ingredients. In the food and beverage sector, Europe's thriving bakery, dairy, and confectionery industries have significantly contributed to the rising demand for GMS as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and texture enhancer. With consumers seeking products with longer shelf life and improved quality, GMS has become a preferred choice for manufacturers looking to meet these demands while complying with stringent regulatory standards. Moreover, Europe's pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have also played a crucial role in the region's growing GMS market. The pharmaceutical sector, in particular, has witnessed an increasing demand for topical formulations where GMS serves as a key ingredient for its emulsifying and stabilizing properties. 

Glycerol Monostearate Market Players

Some of the prominent glycerol monostearate market companies are BASF SE, Croda International PLC., Dupont, Clariant, Akzo Nobel N.V., Evonik Industries AG, Volkel Chemical LLP, ACM chemicals, Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Liberty chemicals, Estelle Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., and A. Schulman Inc.

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