Global Natural Zeolites Market To Be Worth Around USD 7.2 Billion By 2026: Acumen Research and Consulting

Author: Acumen Research and Consulting

The global natural zeolites market size is expected to around USD 7.2billion by 2026, the market is projected to grow with 3.2% CAGR during the forecast timeframe. Supportive government regulation to encouragethe construction sector drives the need for natural zeolites market is expected to bolster the global natural zeolites market growth.
The construction sector is the main application market for natural zeolites. Though, the product is anticipated to witness rapid development, in terms of need, from water purification and soil amendment applications.
The growing need for light weight concrete in construction sector is expected to drive the use of the product. Lightweight concrete is chosen over ordinary concrete attributed to many reasons for instance less thermal expansion, improved fire resistance, and better sound absorption. Other than concrete, the use of natural zeolites is predominant in lightweight aggregates, dimension stones, and soil stabilizers under construction materials.
Water treatment and Soil amendment applications are gaining significance across the worldattributing togrowing environmental concerns. The groundwater contamination produced by soluble nitrogen-based fertilizers is a main environmental concern. Natural zeolites limit the nitrification of ammonium to nitrate that results in decreased nitrate leaching. Also, natural zeolites enrich the soil and funds to the growth of a healthy plant.
The occurrence of heavy metals and metalloids in water bodies expected to a substantial threat to the environment due to their toxic nature. Natural zeolites own ion exchange property that aids absorption of heavy metals in their honeycomb structure. Similarly, natural zeolites are an inexpensive option in water purification and separation procedures.
Need for the product persists across numerous end-use industries, though, the accessibility of numerous alternatives is expected to hamper its development during the forecast period. Bentonite, perlite, diatomite are among the main alternates of the product in pet litter, concrete, soil amendment and water purification applications.
The global natural zeolites market is segmented into two major segment named application, and region. On the basis of application the Natural Zeolites market is segmented into construction materials, animal feed, soil remediation and others.On the basis of region the global Natural Zeolites market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.
Asia Pacific captures the global natural zeolites market, captures for 65.0% market volume share in 2018. The market in developing economies for instance, India is gaining momentum, particularly in soil amendment application. Seeing the significance and massiveness of India’s agricultural and farming industry, natural zeolite producers are spreading their reach in the nation.
In terms of revenue, South & Central America industry is expected to advancement at a CAGR of 2.6% during the forthcoming years. The need for the product is predominant in Central and South America due to the growing soil and water contamination and animal feed production. Latin America had over 4,287 mills for feed production, as of 2016, and owing to the growing urbanization, the region is in immediate demand for water treatment projects as well.
Construction materials were the major application segment in 2017, captures around for 55.3% share, in terms of revenue. The development of construction sector, particularly in the developingeconomies, is foremost toward augmentedneed for the product in construction materials. Such as, as perLêQuangHùng, the Construction Deputy Minister of Vietnam, the nation’s construction sectorextended at a rate of 9.1% in 2018due to an surge in urbanization, tourism, and renovation of old buildings. Favorable government guidelines are also pushingneed from construction sector.
The key players catering to the global natural zeolites market are Zeolyst International, Lenntech BV, Zeocem Ltd., Albemarle Corporation, Teague Mineral Products, W.R. Grace & Co-Conn, GruppoApostolicoTanagro, Bear River Zeolite, Silkemproizvodnja Zeolitovd.o.o., Anten Chemical Co., Ltd., NanoScape AG, IDA-ORE, Gordes Zeolite, Clariant, and Mining LLC. These vendors are spending huge capital to revolutionise the product portfolio as the competition in the industry is growing with rapid pace. Also, with altering technology the demand for better construction material are increasing, so cater the demand of the clients, vendors are constantly revolutionising new products.
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