Hydrogen Electrolyzers Market (Product: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer, Alkaline Electrolyzer, Solid Oxide Electrolyzer; Application: Electro Fuels, Liquid Fuels, others) – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2018 - 2025

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The simplest method used for the production of hydrogen is electrolysis of water and hydrogen which is produced using renewable energy. To increase the usage of water electrolysis, it is mandatory to reduce the cost and maintenance of current electrolyzers, reduce energy consumption, on another hand, to increase their durability, efficiency, and safety. The rise in demand of hydrogen across the globe mostly depends upon fossil fuel based resources and small portion of this demand is met by hydrogen which is produced by water electrolysis. In order to meet the most favorable volume demand for various applications, these electrolyzers are available in varying capacities with hydrogen generation ranging from small-scale production of 100 liters/hr to large-scale production of around 1000 liter/hr.

Market Dynamics

The key factors driving the growth of market include stringent government regulations and public-private partnerships for encouraging the use of hydrogen for automotive fuel and energy carrier. End users prefer on-site generation for small-scale electrolyzers, as in many regions transportation of hydrogen from long distance is expensive or generation cost from natural gas is comparatively higher. Furthermore, the production cost can be brought down by technological development in hydrogen electrolyzers. Therefore, there is the opportunity to grow the market by advancing systems of hydrogen storage and high-pressure electrolyzers are anticipated to provide significant growth over the forecast period 2018-2025.

Among all hydrogen electrolyzer product types, alkaline electrolyzer held a major position in terms of market share. The alkaline electrolyzer is boosting the market growth owing to advance approaches towards solid alkaline exchange membrane, as the electrolytes are promising the market growth. The properties of electrolyte make them cost-effective due to rising use of a non-noble metal catalyst and high efficiency of the electrolyte. Application for energy conversion in hydrogen system has developed electrolyzers and also attracted end-user’s attention.

The market research study on “Hydrogen Electrolyzer Market (Product: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer, Alkaline Electrolyzer, Solid Oxide Electrolyzer; Application: Electro Fuels, Liquid Fuels, Others) – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2018 - 2025”, offers a detailed insights on the global hydrogen electrolyzer market entailing insights on its different market segments. Market dynamics with drivers, restraints and opportunities with their impact are provided in the report. The report provides insights on global hydrogen electrolyzer market, its product type, application, and major geographic regions. The report covers basic development policies and layouts of technology development processes. Secondly, the report covers global hydrogen electrolyzers market size and volume, and segment markets by type, application, and geography along with the information on companies operating in the market. The hydrogen electrolyzers market analysis is provided for major regional markets including USA, Europe, India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Rest of the World followed by major countries. For each region, the market size and volume for different segments has been covered under the scope of report. The players profiled in the report include Nel Hydrogen, Hydrogenics Corp, McPhy Energy S.A., and among others.

Market Segmentation

Market By Product Type

  • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer
  • Alkaline Electrolyzer
  • Solid Oxide Electrolyzer

Market By Application

  • Electro Fuels
  • Liquid Fuels
  • Others

Market By Geography

  • USA
  • Europe
  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rest of the World

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