Polymerase Chain Reaction Market Analysis - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2024

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Polymerase chain reaction system is a medical device used in molecular biology research, genetic engineering and genetics. Polymerase chain reactions are used to augment single or copy of a portion of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Polymerase chain reaction tools help in producing thousands of copies of deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing. Polymerase chain reaction tools are used in several fields such as clinical diagnostics, drug discovery and biotechnology. These are used in molecular biology and microbiology for DNA cloning and DNA sequencing procedures. Furthermore, these polymerase chain reaction technologies are frequently used in forensic investigation to identify child and criminals identity. Moreover, these techniques are used for diagnosis of life threatening diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, lyme diseases and middle ear infections. Polymerase chain reactions help in identifying microbes which causes diseases as well as helps in culturing microorganisms. The polymerase chain reaction products include instruments, reagents, consumables, services and software. Real time Q-polymerase chain reaction, digital polymerase chain reaction, inverse polymerase chain reaction, standard polymerase chain reaction, multiplex polymerase chain reaction, assembly polymerase chain reaction, and hot start polymerase chain reaction are the key polymerase chain reactions available in the market.

The use of polymerase chain reaction has increased owing to the rising number of research facilities, and hospitals. Increasing government investments in research and development, escalating number of patients suffering from contagious diseases, human genome development and rising funding in gene therapy are the most important factors driving the growth of polymerase chain reaction. Furthermore, escalating applications of PCR in the fields such as clinical diagnostic, and life sciences is expected to increase the demand for polymerase chain reaction in the near future. However, reimbursement issues and escalation of non-validated home brew test are the major factors retraining the market. Timely outcome and accurate for real time polymerase chain reaction device are other challenges faced by the market players. Application of nanotechnology will play crucial role in development of advance polymerase chain reaction process. New product development and launches are the recent trend in global polymerase chain reaction market.

The global polymerase chain reaction market is bifurcated by products, applications and end-users. On the basis of the products, the global polymerase chain reaction market can be bifurcated into instruments and reagents & consumables. The instruments segment is further bifurcated into real time PCR system, standard PCR system and digital PCR system. The reagents and consumables market accounted for the largest share in 2015. On the basis of application, the global polymerase chain reaction market can be bifurcated into life sciences, clinical diagnostic and others applications. On the basis of end-users, the global polymerase chain reaction market is bifurcated into biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, labs and hospitals and academic and research institutions. Academic and research institutions dominated the market space in 2015.

In terms of geography, the global polymerase chain reaction market is bifurcated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America dominates the market for polymerase chain reaction followed by Europe owing to growing demand for accurate, fast and reasonable diagnosis in healthcare. Furthermore, escalating investments in friendly diagnostics in North America is expected to fuel the growth of global polymerase chain reaction markets during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific region is anticipated show lucrative growth in the near future owing to the rising investment in research and development and improving healthcare infrastructure in the region. China and India are the most prominent countries in Asia-Pacific. Some of the prominent players operating in global polymerase chain reaction market are F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Abbott Laboratories, Maxim Biotech, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc., Kapa Biosystems Inc., Becton, Dickinson & Co., GE Healthcare, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corp among others.

Market Segmentation

Market by Product

·         Instruments

o   Real time PCR system

o   Standard PCR system

o   Digital PCR system

·         Reagents & consumables

Market by Application

·         Life sciences

·         Clinical diagnostic

·         Others

Market by End-user

·         Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

·         Labs and hospitals

·         Academic and research institutions

Market by Geography

·         North America

o   US

o   Canada

o   Mexico

·         Europe

o   UK

o   Germany

o   France

o   Rest of Europe

·         Asia-Pacific

o   China

o   Japan

o   India

o   Philippines

o   Rest of Asia-Pacific

·         Latin America

o    Brazil

o   Chile

o   Rest of Latin America

·         Middle East and Africa (MEA)

o   South Africa

o   Saudi Arabia

o   Rest of MEA

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