Xylitol Market Surpass $ 1,100 Million by 2030 | CAGR 3%

Author: Acumen Research and Consulting

According to Acumen Research & Consulting, the Global Xylitol Market size is estimated to grow a CAGR above 3% over the forecast timeframe and reach a market value of around USD 1,100 million by 2030.


Diseases are the most common health issue that has reached epidemic proportions around the world. Diabetes affects up to half a billion people around the world, with nearly 80 percent of those, especially in low- and middle countries. Type 2 diabetes affects nine out of 10 people with diabetes, and it is spreading extremely fast in middle- and lower countries. Diabetes, on the other hand, increases the risk of premature death, and diabetes-related health problems can reduce the quality of life. Diabetes' high global economic burden has a particularly adverse impact on individuals, healthcare systems, and nations. According to the countries, China has the largest number of diabetics in the world, with approximately 141 million inhabitants living with the condition. According to the researchers, diabetes is expected to affect approximately 174 million people in China by 2045. However, artificial sweeteners are considered beneficial for diabetics and obese people who are sensitive to refined sugar. These low-calorie sweeteners appear to be safe to use, offer additional sweet taste without adding extra calories, and provide a variety of sweet foods to those who would otherwise be unable to consume them (refined sugars).


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Xylitol is a naturally occurring natural sugar with a sweet taste that can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Xylitol, discovered in 1891 by German scientist Emil Fischer, was used as a natural sweetener in human food since the 1960s. Xylitol is a crystal white powder that has a pleasant, sweetness and is odorless. Because of its ability to reduce the advancement of dental cavities, it is gaining popularity as an alternative sweetener. Xylitol is present in significant quantities in bark tree sap, oats, and wheat bran or corn stalks. Xylitol is useful as a sugar substitute for diabetics since it does not raise sugar levels or cortisol levels and has a low-calorie value, which is useful for the purpose of weight control. In addition, The European Union's (EU) Scientific Committee for Food states that xylitol is safe and favorable for use in foods for special dietary purposes. Furthermore, it is registered in over 35 countries and is becoming a more common ingredient in food products, pharmaceutical drugs, and dental health products due to its sweetness and bulk.


Global Xylitol Market Growth Aspects


To address rising concerns about healthcare costs and to protect the global public's health, the xylitol market has expanded dramatically in recent years. Xylitol, when consumed through medicinal products and food, is a significant solution to weight gain-related problems. As a result, the xylitol industry's application portfolio in the pharmaceutical and food sectors has expanded. Furthermore, higher disposable incomes, growing urbanization, and a shift in customer preferences toward sugar-free food and products are expected to create new opportunities for the xylitol market during the forecast period. Besides that, xylitol is becoming a known ingredient in the polyol industry and has amassed significant revenue. However, the easy and affordable availability of a variety of alternative products, as well as growing concerns about a lack of raw materials for the production of xylitol, are expected to limit the market's growth. Additionally, stringent government regulations and compliances relating to the use of xylitol as a sweetener are expected to stymie the xylitol market's growth.


Regional Overview


North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa are the regional classification of the global xylitol market. The North American xylitol market is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period, owing to rising healthcare expenditure. The growing geriatric population in the United States, as well as increased purchasing power and concern about diabetics or other health issues, may drive product growth in the region. Furthermore, the United States is one of the major xylitol consumers in the global market. Its popularity arises from the numerous health benefits it provides, such as anti-tooth decay properties, a low calorific value, and a low carbohydrate content, which has motivated its use among health-conscious people in the United States. However, an FDA commission in 1963 approved xylitol as safe for consumption and allowable as a food ingredient.


Market Segmentation


The global xylitol market has been segmented by Acumen Research and Consultancy based on form, application and downstream application potential. Based on the form, the market is divided into powder, and liquid. Based on application, the market split into chewing gum, personal care, food, confectionary, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. Based on downstream application potential, the market is classified into xylaric acid, and glycol.


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Major Players


Some key players covered global in the xylitol industry are DuPont Danisco, Cargill, Inc., Roquette Freres, Thomson Biotech (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., A & Z Food Additives Co., Ltd. ZuChem, Inc., NovaGreen, Inc., Foodchem International Corp., DFI Corp., Godavari Biorefineries Ltd., Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech Co., Ltd., and Herboveda India.

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