Global Algae DHA Market Growing Health Awareness And Multiple Benefits Of DHA Drive The Market Growth

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

Decosahexanenoic Acid or DHA is an Omega- 3 fatty acid. It incorporates as a primary structural element of the human brain, cerebral cortex, retina and skin. It either constitutes of alpha- linolenic acid or directly from algae, or fish oil. The two types of algae that can be used to manufacture DHA are either Crypthecodinium Cohnii or Schizochytrium. For brain phospholipids and retina, DHA is a major fatty acid. At the time of birth, one of the key components for developing brain and eyes is DHA, which continues to support throughout a person’s lifetime. It is also found in tissues found in heart and cardiovascular system.

The innumerable health benefits of DHA for pregnant women, infants for memory, focus, brain and eye development, children, adults and seniors has risen demand for it. Additionally, awareness towards health has increased opportunities for its applications, for instance in formula based products for infants. Furthermore, the changing lifestyles of people, with rising per capita income and urbanization have also contributed in the growth of the market of algae DHA. According to estimations for the period of 2018 through 2025, the CAGR for the global algae DHA market is expected to grow around 7.3%, reaching a market value of over $563 million by the end of the forecast period.

However, certain challenges are looming over the global algae DHA market such as the rising manufacturing costs. Certain rules and regulations also act as a barrier against the growth of this market.

In order to deal with these hindrances, collaboration among investors and capital investment towards R&D can prove to be helpful.

Here are some points to explain about the Global Algae DHA market more:

  • The market growth is also supported by the demand for algae oil which is rich in Omega 3 and DHA. The low saturated fat present in it also pushes its demand further. Algae oil is also used in manufacturing biofuel who is gaining immense popularity for its low carbon content; in turn raising the demand for algae oil.
  • Since DHA forms a major structural and functional fat found in brain and eyes along with being found in tissues that are found in the heart; it has become popular in case of adults who are constantly trying to add DHA in their daily diet.
  • Vegans and vegetarians have been found to have low levels of DHA; due to which they use microalgae DHA supplements in their daily diet.
  • Some prominent players operating in the market are, Goerlich Pharma GmbH, Source Omega LLC, Nordic Naturals, Deva Nutrition LLC - Vegan Vitamins, ECPlaza Network Inc., Hubei Ruiren Biotechnology co., Ltd, Polaris EN, Novotech Nutraceuticals, Inc., Qualitas-Health, and Corbion Biotech, Inc. to name a few.

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