Global Drug Of Abuse Testing Market Growth

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In order to detect illicit drug consumption among individuals, those driving under the influence of drugs, identify illicit substance use, detect the presence of performance enhancing drugs in athletes and monitor patients in rehabilitation; drug abuse testing is widely used by healthcare services, government agencies, private and public organizations. Not only this, a decrease in mortality and morbidity rate along with identifying the potential victims of substance abuse can be achieved through drug of abuse testing. The innumerable purposes for which this testing can be used have made many governments of various nations issue legal guidelines and clinical recommendations for the efficient use of drug of abuse testing.

The various segments of the global market of drug of abuse include classifications based on product type, sample, end- user and geography. The different product type categories in the market are of equipment and consumables. Equipments are bifurcated into immunoassay analyzer, chromatography instrument and breath analyzers. The consumables are bifurcated into rapid test kit, assay kit & reagents, etc. The different samples include saliva, hair, and urine and so on. Hospitals, workplace, home, laboratory and the likes form the end- user segment of the global drug of abuse market. The categorizations of the markets based on geography are North America, Europe, Asia- pacific and rest of the world.

There is immense demand observed in the global market of drug of abuse testing considering the production and trafficking of illegal drugs is on a rise and the deaths leading to the consumption of these drugs and their overdose. According to the latest reports by UN, there have been 200,000 people deaths on a daily basis. 31% of the total road accidents in 2014 were due to driving under influence of alcohol according to the figures shared by National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Reduction in such mishaps is possible through increasing the use of drug of abuse testing by enforcement agencies on one hand and the parents, people in general on the other hand.

The demand is expected to push the CAGR making it grow over 9.5% during the period of 2016 and 2022 for the drug of abuse testing market. The market size is projected to top $8 billion mark in 2022.

Here are some more points that explain about the drug of abuse testing market:

  • Highest share of the market has been of North America at over 49% in 2015. In the forecast period Asia- Pacific market is expected to show strong growth.
  • Consumable segment of the market accounted for over 50% of the market share in 2015.
  • Some of the major players of the market include Abbott Laboratories, Quest Diagnostics Inc., Alera Inc., Sonics Healthcare Ltd, Waters Corporation, Shimadzu Corporation and others.

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