Global Human Fibrinogen Concentrate Market Growth Forecasted By 2025

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

The increased usage of fibrinogen concentrate in conditions of bleeding and treatment of congenital inadequacies has been pushing the demand for human fibrinogen concentrate. What further drives the growth of this market is the growing concerns for well being and a consciousness among people. The support of the excellent supplier and distributor network of the diagnostic industry around the world has facilitated the superior market penetration of fibrinogen tests; particularly in developing economies where prevalence of diseases such as cancer is more. Additionally, with the advancement in technology and increased number of players in the market, these tests are likely to become much more cost effective in the coming time.

Owing to such factors the forecast period of 2018- 2025 is estimated to result in the growth of the global human fibrinogen concentrate market’s CAGR around 5.8% with a total market value touching almost $1.4 billion by the end of the period.

However, there are certain unfavorable side- effects involved here which can threaten the market growth of the global human fibrinogen concentrate market. These include blood vessel thrombosis, dyspnea, spewing, chills, queasiness and pneumonic embolism.

Some more points to help explain further about the global human fibrinogen concentrate market include:

  • Incorporate heat precipitation test, immunoassays and clotting method are some techniques used to decide convergence of fibrinogen in blood plasma. In case of hereditary hemophilia issue, DNA tests are required. Immunoassays include, immunoprecipitation, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay also known as ELISA, and chemilumeniscence test as some of the methods. Out of these chemilumeniscence examination is taking over from ELISA methodology given its simplicity and accuracy. Despite which ELISA fibrinogen testing market will remain bigger given its long standing position.
  • In terms of fibrinogen concentrate application segment, the largest share had been held by congenital fibrinogen deficiency in 2017. The usage of fibrinogen concentrates are primarily for hemorrhages. In case fibrinogen concentrates are not accessible, fresh hardened plasma is used as a substitute. Furthermore, unconstrained premature births can be disillusioned by routine prophylaxis subject to association of fibrinogen accumulates in early pregnancy.
  • The prime share of the market was held by North America, which was followed by Europe. Regions like China, India and Japan will keep growing in the forecast period holding a significant share of the market.
  • The market constitutes of players from all over the world, some of them include CSL Behring, LFB Group, Shanghai RAAS, Hualan Biological Engineering, Harbin Pacific Biopharmaceutical, Greencross, Shanghai XinXing Medical, Boya among others.

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