Growing Application Of Resistance Heating Wires In Industries All Over Push Its Market Growth

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

Electrical resistors are made by resistance wire which in turn is made by either metal or alloy. The resistance heating wires have high assistance per unit length. Nickel- chrome is material used commonly in wire wound resistors and heating elements. The material selection is based on the stability of resistors, temperature coefficient of resistivity and corrosion. Kanthal (FeCrAl) wire, Nickel-Chrome, Cupronickel (CuNi) Alloys, and various other alloys are the different materials that can be used to make resistance heating wire. It is insulated by ceramic powder and sheathed in tube of alloy. Resistance heating wire finds uses in water heaters, electric ovens and also in specialized forms of cooktops.

The various applications of resistance heating wire have pushed its demand. Water heaters and electric ovens are being produced in scale and thus have boosted the market growth. Furthermore, the changing lifestyle of consumers pertaining to increasing disposable income and general awareness has increased the demand for goods such as toasters, portable space heaters and so on. According to estimates, by the end of the year 2025, the global market for heat resistance heating wire will achieve a total market value of around $2.7 billion growing at a CAGR exceeding 8%.

The restraints revolving around the global resistance heating wire market include the availability of substitutes and the high cost of material.

Here are some more points that explain the global resistance heating wire market:

  • Kanthal resistance heating wire, due to high electrical resistivity and good oxidation resistance such as heating elements in high- temperature furnaces for heat treatment, ceramics, glass, steel and electronics industries; is expected to have a high demand throughout the forecast period.
  • In electric home appliances, the material commonly used is alloy. The wire used in home appliances such as toasters, warming plates, stove burners, portable space heaters; is coated with ceramic.
  • Due to the increasing expenditure and per capita financial gain, the growth of the Asia- Pacific market of resistance heating wire is expected to grow throughout the forecast period. China is the largest manufacturer of resistance heating wire pertaining to the high demand from electronic appliances, petrochemical, and metallurgical & machine industry. The rapid rise of urban population in India suggests promising growth of resistance heating wire market in the region as well.
  • Some of the key players of the global resistance heating wire market are Kanthal, Isabellenhutte, Sedes Group S.r.l., Danyang Xinli Alloy Co., Ltd., Mega Heaters, Eltherm, Furukawa, Xinghuo Special Steel Co., Ltd., Chongquing Chuanyi metallic functional materials Co., Ltd., Changshu Electric Heating Alloy Material Factory Co., Ltd., TaiZhou JiShen Resistance Wire Co., LTD, Omega, and among others.

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