Global Gelatin Market Worth Around $4.3 Billion By 2025: Acumen Research and Consulting

Author: Acumen Research and Consulting

Acumen Research and Consulting, a global provider of market research studies, in a latest published report titled Gelatin Market (Type: Skin Gelatin, Bone Gelatin, Halal Gelatin Type; Application: Pharmaceutical, Edible, Photographic) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2018 - 2025”, estimates that global gelatin market is expected to reach the market value of around $4.3 billion by 2025 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 7.4% in terms of revenue during the forecasting period 2018 - 2025. The expanding utilization of items in consumable and pharmaceutical applications on account of good binding features and exhibiting excellent stabilizing characteristics is anticipated to remain a favorable factor for market growth over the forecasting time frame. Gelatin is originated from collagen which is acquired from different animal sources such as pig skin, cattle bones, bovine hides, and fish. This kind of animal collagen helps to swallows tablets and cases effectively. The item is significantly utilized as a gelling specialist in various applications including edibles, nutraceuticals, medicinal services, individual consideration, and photography. Expanding interest for accommodation nourishments in developing economies including China, India, and Middle East nations are relied upon to advance the use of item as a utilitarian fixing in confectionaries. Gelatin is likewise utilized in generation of a wide scope of pharmaceuticals including wound dressings, blood volume substitutes, and homeostatic wipes. Advancement of pharmaceutical business in the U.S. and Canada in light of rising expenditure for incorporation of recent technologies is expected to have a considerable impact. In addition, in course of recent years, polysaccharides are being progressively utilized as a vital constituent in medicinal services and eatable applications by virtue of giving astounding hydrolyzing enzymatic properties. Accordingly, industry presence of polysaccharide is relied upon to represent a substitution danger to gelatin market in near future.

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Skin Gelatin Held Largest Market in 2017

Pork skin is a vital crude material source for manufacturing edible gelatin in the United States. Provided as both frozen or fresh, pork skins come from butcher houses and meat handling plants officially trimmed of fat, flesh and hair. Pork skins are typically derailed by burning with a hot adulterated acidic soft soda solution. The short time frame required for pre-treatment before extraction, and minimization of wastewater produced are essential monetary factors in the creation of gelatin from this crude material. Moreover, extensive variety of use of pork skin gelatin, for example, stabilizer, thickener, texturizer, in the production of gel containers and as a coupling agent has prompted appeal from various end-users. These efficient and additionally requesting elements are driving the development of skin gelatin around the world.


Rising Demand for Functional Food Application in Nutraceuticals to Expand Sales

Gelatin is used in manufacturing process for a wide variety of pharmaceuticals products including blood volume substitutes, wound dressings, and homeostatic wipes. Rising dimensions of peptides in gelatin should support the blend of item in close to home consideration items, particularly hair and face creams, and remedial ointments.

Another factor that impacts the food gelatin items market is the increasing interest for utilitarian or practical sustenances, got from trademark sources. Disregarding the way that the market is creating, it is seeing checked challenges that incorporate low affirmation from strict veggie lovers and religious get-togethers, for example, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. Similarly, there is a rising worry among scientists about whether animal tissue-determined gelatins could transmit pathogenic vectors like prions. The creating responsiveness among the well being discerning people supported with the rising aged populace is anticipated to also fuel the gelatin market growth.
Europe Acquired Largest Market Share In Terms Revenue And Consumption In 2017

Europe was the biggest market, representing around 40% of the worldwide income in 2016. Expanding alertness towards consolidation of nourishing ingredients in edible industry, especially in emerged economies including Germany, UK, and France, is required to highly affect the market. Likewise, the existence of a powerful pharmaceutical manufacturing base in Germany, Belgium, and, UK should remain a positive factor. India is anticipated to observe the quickest growth at a CAGR of around 8.3% from 2018 to 2025, as far as revenue is concerned, through the anticipated years. Inspirational outlook towards the healthcare segment in Thailand and Malaysia in light of augmentation in sales volume of pharmaceuticals is expected to promote the usage of gelatin in Asia-Pacific region in near future.

Application Insights

Edible was the biggest application, representing around 60% of the worldwide volume in 2017. The component is utilized in sports drinks because of its high substance of protein, starches, and electrolytes. Proteins are required to fix muscle tissue and damaged structures by accelerating recuperation by means of transporting oxygen and different nutrients. Pharmaceutical applications segment was holding a significant share of around 25% in 2017. Expanding use of hydrocolloids in the pharmaceutical business because of fantastic dissolvability is required to encourage the use of gelatin over the anticipating time frame according to analysis by Acumen.

Key Players

The major players profiled in the report include Gelita, Rousselot, PB Gelatins (Tessenderlo Group), Nitta Gelatin NA INC., Weishardt Group, Sterling Gelatin, Ewald Gelatine, Italgelatine, Lapi Gelatine, Great Lakes Gelatin, Juncà Gelatines, S.L., Trobas Gelatine, Norland Products Inc., El Nasr Gelatin, Nippi Gelatin Division, India Gelatine & Chemicals, Geltech, and others.


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