Hydropower Market Size to Reach USD 397.7 Billion by 2032 growing at 5.6% CAGR - Exclusive Report by Acumen Research and Consulting

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The Hydropower Market, valued at USD 232.8 Billion in 2022, is anticipated to surpass USD 397.7 Billion by 2032, reflecting a projected CAGR of 5.6%

The market for hydropower has grown significantly in recent years due to growing demand for clean electricity generation, the need for sustainable energy sources, and growing worldwide worries about climate change. One of the earliest and most popular renewable energy sources in the world, hydropower, usually referred to as hydroelectric power, uses the energy of flowing water to create electricity. The sector is distinguished by ongoing technological development, with an emphasis on enhancing productivity, preserving the environment, and incorporating hydropower into the larger energy system. Global demand for hydropower is being driven mostly by emerging economies, environmental laws, and the need for energy security.

Hydropower Market Trend

Hydropower Market Statistics

  • In 2022, the global hydropower market achieved a revenue of USD 232.8 Billion
  • Demonstrating consistent growth, the hydropower market is expected to experience a CAGR of 5.6% from 2023 to 2032
  • Asia-Pacific dominated the hydropower sector in 2022, commanding a substantial 42% market share
  • Europe region is poised for promising growth, with an anticipated CAGR of 6% from 2023 to 2032
  • In size, the large hydropower sub-segment led the market with considerable share in 2022
  • In 2022, the component civil construction segment recorded significant revenue in the hydropower market
  • A notable hydropower market trend is the combining hydropower with additional sustainable energy sources

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Hydropower Market Dynamics

Rising Demand for Renewable Energy Drives Growth of the Hydropower Market

Fueled by the growing global need for renewable energy sources to prevent climate change and cut carbon emissions, the hydropower business is expanding rapidly. Hydropower is a desirable alternative for producing clean electricity because of its many benefits, which include cheap operating costs, low greenhouse gas emissions, and an abundance of water resources. The need for hydropower projects is predicted to keep rising as nations work to meet their climate goals and make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Furthermore, hydropower is essential for improving energy security and lowering reliance on fossil fuels, especially in areas where energy supply disruptions are a possibility. Hydropower's adaptability and dependability make it an excellent choice for counteracting the unpredictability of other renewable energy sources, including solar and wind, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy into the grid. In order to diversify their energy sources and guarantee a steady and sustainable supply of electricity, governments and utilities are consequently spending more money on the construction of hydroelectric projects.

Technological Innovations That Enhance the Efficiency and Sustainability Of Hydropower Offer Significant Market Opportunities In The Hydropower Sector

Rapid technological developments are occurring in the hydropower sector with the goal of enhancing the flexibility, environmental sustainability, and efficiency of hydropower generating. Modern turbines, hydroelectric dams, and control systems allow hydropower projects to optimize energy yield, reduce their negative effects on the environment, and improve their operational flexibility.

Important technical developments influencing innovation in the hydropower sector include:

  • Advanced Turbine Technology: Hydropower projects may now operate more efficiently and effectively thanks to new turbine designs like the Francis, Kaplan, and Pelton turbines, which are optimized for various flow conditions and operating situations. To increase the dependability and lifespan of their turbines, manufacturers are also making investments in cutting-edge materials and production techniques.
  • Pumped Storage Hydropower: These facilities are being used more frequently to supply load balancing, energy storage, and system stability. These facilities pump water from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir during off-peak hours using excess electricity, and then they release the water to generate electricity during peak demand. Pumped storage hydropower projects are becoming more flexible and efficient thanks to developments in pump and turbine technology, which makes them an important resource for grid operators.

Hydropower Market Segmentation

The global market for hydropower has been segmented into size, component, end-user, and region.

  • Size segment is split into large hydropower, small hydropower, and micro hydropower
  • Component segment is categorized into civil construction, electromechanical equipment, electric, power infrastructure, and others
  • End-user segment includes residential, commercial, and industrial
  • The hydropower market is geographically segmented across North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia-Pacific (APAC), the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America (LA)

Hydropower Market Regional Outlook

Asia-Pacific: Prompt industrialization, urbanization, and rising energy consumption in this region offer substantial growth prospects for the hydropower industry. Hydropower infrastructure is being heavily invested in by nations like China, India, and Southeast Asia in order to fulfill rising electricity demand, improve energy security, and lessen dependency on fossil fuels.

Europe: With nations like Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland leading the world in hydropower generation, Europe is a significant hydropower market. Investments in new hydropower projects and facility modifications are driven by the European Union's focus on renewable energy targets, climate change mitigation, and grid integration of renewable energy sources.

Latin America: This region has an abundance of water resources and an ideal geographic location for the development of hydropower. To take advantage of its hydroelectric resources, nations like Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina are investing in massive hydropower projects.

Hydropower Market Players

Hydropower companies profiled in the report include Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais, CPFL Energia S.A., GE Energy, Sinohydro Corporation, IHI Corporation, Andritz AG, Alstom Hydro, Gerdau S.A., China Three Gorges Corporation, ABB Ltd., China Hydroelectric Corporation, The Tata Power Company, OJSC Bashkirenergo, EDP Energias do Brasil SA, and Ertan Hydropower Development Company, Ltd.

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