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The Global Molecular Breeding Market Size is predicted to reach USD 16.4 Billion by 2032 from USD 3.2 Billion in 2022, at a CAGR of 17.8% between 2023 and 2032, as per the Acumen Research and Consulting

Molecular breeding, also known as molecular-assisted breeding or marker-assisted breeding, has seen a significant increase in use within the agriculture sector in recent years. This approach utilizes genetic information at the molecular level to aid in the selection and breeding of plants and animals with desirable traits. One of the key drivers behind the growing adoption of molecular breeding is its ability to accelerate the breeding process compared to traditional methods, which often rely on phenotypic traits that may take years to manifest.

Advancements in molecular biology techniques, such as DNA sequencing and marker identification, have made it possible to identify specific genes or markers associated with desired traits, such as disease resistance, yield potential, or nutritional quality. By analyzing the genetic makeup of plants or animals, breeders can select individuals with the desired traits more efficiently, leading to the development of improved varieties or breeds in a shorter timeframe. This not only increases the efficiency of breeding programs but also allows for the targeted improvement of traits critical for addressing various challenges faced by agriculture, such as climate change, pests, and diseases. Moreover, molecular breeding offers opportunities for precision agriculture by enabling the development of tailored solutions for specific environmental conditions or production systems.

Molecular Breeding Market Analysis

Molecular Breeding Market Statistics

  • Global molecular breeding market value was worth USD 3.2 Billion in 2022, with a 17.8% CAGR from 2023 to 2032
  • North America molecular breeding market share occupied around 32% in 2022
  • By process, the marker-assisted selection (MAS) segment captured the majority share of the market in 2022
  • By application, the crop breeding segment is expected to show noticeable growth during the predicted period
  • Growing global population and food security concerns, propel the molecular breeding market revenue

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Molecular Breeding Market Trends

The molecular breeding market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for improved agricultural productivity, sustainability, and resilience in the face of various challenges such as climate change, pests, and diseases. Advancements in molecular biology techniques, including DNA sequencing, genotyping, and gene editing technologies, have revolutionized the field of plant and animal breeding, enabling breeders to accelerate the development of high-yielding, stress-tolerant, and nutritionally enhanced varieties and breeds.

The adoption of molecular breeding approaches by both large agribusiness companies and small-scale farmers has contributed to the expansion of the market. Large companies invest heavily in research and development to create proprietary molecular breeding platforms and products tailored to specific crops or livestock species. These companies often collaborate with academic institutions, research organizations, and technology providers to leverage cutting-edge molecular biology tools and knowledge. On the other hand, small-scale farmers and breeders increasingly utilize molecular breeding services offered by specialized firms or research institutions to access advanced breeding technologies and expertise without the need for significant infrastructure or investment. Furthermore, the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable agriculture and the need to feed a growing global population has propelled governments and regulatory bodies to support research and innovation in molecular breeding.

Molecular Breeding Market Segmentation

Acumen Research and Consulting has segmented the global Molecular Breeding Market by process, marker, application, and region.

  • By process, the industry is categorized into marker-assisted selection (MAS), genomic selection, marker-assisted backcrossing (MABC), QTL mapping, and others.
  • By marker, the market is divided into single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), simple sequence repeats (SSR), and others.
  • By application, the market is bifurcated into livestock breeding, and crop breeding.
  • By region, the market is classified into Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the MEA.

Molecular Breeding Market Regional Overview  

According to the molecular breeding industry analysis, the Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a rapidly growing market for molecular breeding, driven by several key factors that contribute to its agricultural significance and potential for technological adoption. With a large and diverse agricultural landscape, including major crop-producing countries like China, India, and Indonesia, the Asia-Pacific region presents immense opportunities for enhancing crop productivity, resilience, and nutritional quality through advanced breeding techniques. One of the primary drivers of growth in the molecular breeding market in the Asia-Pacific region is the increasing demand for food security and sustainability. As populations continue to rise, there is a growing need to produce more food with limited arable land and finite natural resources. Molecular breeding offers a solution by enabling breeders to develop crop varieties tailored to the unique environmental conditions and production challenges faced by farmers in the region, such as water scarcity, soil degradation, and climate variability.

Molecular Breeding Market Players

Some of the prominent molecular breeding market companies are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Slipstream Automation, Intertek Group Plc, LGC Biosearch Technologies, FruitBreedomics, LemnaTec GmbH, Charles River, Eurofins Scientific, Illumina Inc., DanBred, Genetwister Technologies B.V., and Keygene N.V.

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