3D Displays Market Analysis - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2024

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3D display, also known as stereo display, is a technology capable of providing three-dimensional visualization. 3D displays require 3D glasses to view the content and have better experience. The basic technique of 3D displays is to separately display offset images to the right and left eye. A 3D depth perception is then generated by combining both 2D offset images in the viewer’s brain. The 3D display technology is emerging owing to its wide usage in fields such as video, photography, gaming, engineering stimulation, education and defense.

3D display technology is in nascent stage and is anticipated to witness noteworthy growth in the coming years. Advancement in technology, demand for 3D visualization in entertainment sector such as 3D TV channels, gaming and others and use of 3D displays in consumer electronics are the factors driving the market growth. Furthermore, the need of 3D displays in healthcare and defense applications for training and stimulating tactics is also bolstering the market growth as this technology helps in delivering better visualization. However, the lack of 3D content and high cost of 3D displays is the major factor hindering the growth of this market. Many people face health issues such as headache and nausea while watching a 3D video - another factor restricting the market growth. Additionally, inadequate compatibility in the supply chain may be a key challenge for the growth of this market. Whereas, demand for 3D-enabled televisions, smart phones, lapotops and other devices provides a huge opportunity in the 3D display market in future.

The market for 3D displays is segmented on the basis of application, type, technology and geography. In terms of type, the 3D display market is segmented into volumetric displays, stereoscopy and head-mounted displays. The application segment is bifurcated into consumer electronics, military & defense, automotive, advertising, healthcare, retail and entertainment. The consumer electronics is further bifurcated into smart phones, smart TV’s, laptops and tablets. Consumer electronics is predicted to be an emerging sector in the coming years owing to the rising demand for 3D display in TVs, smart phones and other consumer electronics.

Based on technology, the 3D display market is segmented into DLP (Digital Light Processing), organic LED (OLED), LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Plasma Display Panel (PDP). Global 3D display market is witnessing an increased adoption of 3D displays by advertising sector. Currently, advertising agencies are focusing on telecasting 3D advertising films and display of 3D content on hoardings. Also, on the basis of geography the market is segmented into regions including North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East and Africa.

Intense competition exists in this market due to the presence of several manufacturers. Establishment of partnerships with customers is a prime focus for the vendors to sustain competition, leading to rapid innovations in the technology. Apart from the use of 3D displays in TVs and smart phones, many near-eye-display manufacturers such as Vuzix, Oculus, Avegant and others are developing 3D displays for virtual and augmented reality based applications. Also, the use of 3D displays in wearable devices is boosting the market growth.

Among the regions, Asia Pacific is dominating the market for 3D displays in terms of revenue as it is a hub for manufacturers of 3D devices such as TVs, tablets, PCs, mobile phones and gaming devices. Availability of cheap labor and growing adoption of consumer electronics are few factors attributing the growth of this market in Asia Pacific. Panasonic Corporation, Universal Display, AU Optronics Corp., ViewSonic Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Sony Corporation, LG Electronics, HannStar, Sharp Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd are some of the key industry players operating in this market.

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