Air Quality Monitoring Market Analysis - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2024

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Air quality monitoring is a process of monitoring the quality of air in the surrounding environment and such monitors are developed in accordance with EEC directives that are relevant to monitoring emissions and controlling pollutants released from large combustion plants. Air quality monitors are responsible for maintaining the quality of air in closest spaces as well as open spaces. Demand for indoor air quality monitors is on the rise due to increasing awareness towards health and hygiene among consumers. Activities like painting and cooking can deteriorate the quality of air inside the house by releasing smoke and other particulate matters. DIY hobbies and cleaning can pave the way for introduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in households which has several negative effects on human health. Air quality monitors are gaining significant demand due to increasing cases of air pollution. 
Further, air quality monitors are used to detect the intensity of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases. Increasing air pollution levels across the globe is one of the key factors driving the demand for air quality monitors. Increasing vehicle population in some of the developed and developing countries such as the U.S., India, and China among others have resulted in increased levels of pollution released from the vehicles. Thus, demand for air quality monitors is on the rise and the impact of this driver is likely to remain high over the forecast period. The rapid demand for air quality monitors is also attributed to the initiatives taken by regulating bodies regarding industrial emissions. The increasing levels of pollution have become a major concern for everyone due to the set-up of several new manufacturing plants across the globe. Additionally, high demand is also attributed to the increasing awareness towards health and wellness among the consumer and the urge to install air quality monitors inside their homes to maintain a clean environment. 
However, high cost of such products is likely to inhibit the growth of air quality monitoring market. High cost of air quality monitoring devices is expected to restrict the market growth mainly in developing countries as the consumers in these countries refrain themselves from buying such products due to the higher cost. Less awareness towards the use of such products among the consumers is another major factor barring the growth of the market. However, rising industrialization in the developing countries is expected to be a suitable opportunity for the growth of this market. Penetration of new industries in the developing countries would result in the increase in level of pollution and therefore, would complement the growth of air quality monitoring market. Technological advancement is another suitable opportunity for the growth of air quality monitoring market. Increasing scope in the field of research and development would ensure the introduction of new and advanced air quality monitors in the future, thus complementing the growth of the market. 
The air quality monitoring market is bifurcated on the basis of products into indoor air quality monitors which are inclusive of fixed and portable monitors, and outdoor air quality monitors which are inclusive of portable monitors, fixed monitors, dust and particulate monitors and AQM solutions. The market is also bifurcated on the basis of pollutants type into chemical pollutants, physical pollutants and biological pollutants. Further, air quality monitors find major applications among commercial and residential users, power generation plants, pharmaceutical industries, and petrochemical industries among others. 
Geographically, the market is bifurcated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. Increasing industrialization in the major countries in Asia-Pacific such as India, China and Japan among others would ensure steady growth of this market throughout the forecast period. Rising number of vehicles would also ensure the growth of this market during the forecast period. Key players operating in this market include 3M Co., General Electric Company, Emerson Electric Co., and Siemens A.G. among others.

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