Bentonite Market (By Product Type: Solid, Calcium, Others; By Application: Foundry Sands, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Cat Litter, Drilling Mud, Civil Engineering, Refining, Others) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast 2021 - 2028

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The global bentonite market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8.5% from 2021 to 2028 and expected to reach the market value of around US$ 3.0 Bn by 2028.

Bentonite Market

Bentonite is clay that is frequently formed from the alteration of volcanic ash and is composed primarily of smectite minerals, most commonly montmorillonite. Bentonite is used as a bonding agent in the preparation of molding sand for the manufacture of iron, steel, and non-ferrous casting. Furthermore, bentonite has strong colloidal properties, and when it comes into contact with water, its volume increases multiple folds, resulting in a viscous and gelatinous fluid. Bentonite's unique properties of swelling, water absorption, hydration, thixotropy, and viscosity make it vital material for number of applications.

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Market Bentonite Market
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Forecast Data 2021 - 2028
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Regional Scope North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
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Minerals Technologies Inc., Imerys S.A., Clariant International Ltd, Ashapura Group, Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC (BPM), American Colloid Company, Çanbensan Bentonite, NCC, and among others

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Market Drivers

Rising demand from the end-user industry fuel the growth of global bentonite market

According to a report published by the Industrial Minerals Association of North America, bentonite has traditionally been used in civil engineering applications due to its thixotropic properties, higher support, and lubricating properties to thick walls, particularly in tunneling applications. Furthermore, the absorption properties of bentonite are effective in wastewater treatment. Furthermore, bentonite is commonly used as a mud component in drilling oil and water wells. The role primarily entails sealing borehole walls, removing drill cuttings, and lubricating the cutting head. Bentonite is used in pharmaceuticals to absorb/adsorb functions that allow paste formation. These include calamine lotion, industrial protective creams, eczema anti-irritants, and wet compresses. Bentonite is also found in personal care products such as baby and face powders, sunburn paint, mud packs, and face creams. Such factors have a positive impact on the global bentonite market's growth.

Geoenvironmental application of bentonites in underground disposal of nuclear waste bolsters the growth of overall market

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers report, several laboratory tests were conducted to determine the bentonite's water retention behavior. In a thermohydraulic column cell, the effect of thermal and thermohydraulic gradients on the mechanical behavior of bentonite was also investigated. Thermal and thermohydraulic gradients were found to cause a redistribution of water content, dry density, degree of saturation, and the suction within compacted bentonites in the study.

Bentonite has wide application for the study of oenology, stimulates the growth of global market

Bentonite is used in oenology to improve the clarity and stability of wine, as well as to predict the formation of deposits in the bottle. Bentonite could be added to improve the precipitation of suspended solids in oenology. Furthermore, bentonite is primarily used on white wines, while in red wines; the goal of fining is softening, or removal of polyphenols and tannins to further develop the astringency of the wine. The primary benefits of bentonite are its inexpensive nature, effectiveness, and availability. Furthermore, the selection of the best bentonite is based on the characterization of its structural properties in order to optimize the performance of wine fining.

Market Segmentation

The global bentonite market is segmented based on product type and application. Based on product, the market is segmented as sodium, calcium, and others. By application, the market is segregated as foundry sands, iron ore pelletizing, cat litter, drilling mud, civil engineering, refining, and others.

Bentonite Market By Type 2021 - 2028

Based on product type, the sodium bentonite segment dominates the overall market, accounting for a disproportionate share of segmental growth and thus contributing to overall market growth. Because sodium bentonite is chemically stable in the reference repository environment under expected hydrothermal conditions, it cannot be considered as a viable waste package backfill material. Apart from that, sodium bentonite is widely used in the construction industry because all dehydroxylated sodium bentonite systems have high stability, thickening times ranging from 3 to 5 hours, and a minimum compressive strength of 600 psi after 24 hours. Such factors strongly support segmental growth, which is ultimately responsible for overall market growth.

In terms of application, foundry sand was the largest segment in 2020, accounting for the greatest share of overall market growth. Foundry bentonite is primarily used as a bonding material in the preparation of molding sand for the manufacture of iron, steel, and nonferrous casting. Because of the unique properties of foundry sand bentonite, it produces green sand moulds with good flow ability, compact ability, and thermal stability for the production of high quality castings. Such factors fuel segmental growth, which in turn fuels overall market growth.

Regional Overview

North America dominates the bentonite market; Asia Pacific records stupendous growth over the forecast period

North America has dominated the bentonite market in the past and is expected to do so again during the forecast period. According to the ENERGIE ATOMIQUE DU CANADA LIMITED report, bentonite production is high in North America provinces, as major residuals of bentonite were discovered in North American provinces. The Montana type bentonite beds, for example, were the second major North American geological series containing economically significant quantities of sodium bentonite.

Bentonite Market By Region 2021 - 2028

With past rationalization, there were five major bentonite producers in the United States and two small processing facilities in Western Canada. Furthermore, Canada has small production facilities that produce bentonite, which promotes regional growth. M-I Drilling Fluids, for example, owns a small processing facility in Alberta, Canada. This plant extracts sodium bentonite from the Upper Cretaceous Bearpaw formation. Such factors have a positive impact on regional growth, ultimately benefiting the overall market.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific had the fastest growing CAGR in the bentonite market. Rising construction industry is one of the key factors driving bentonite growth in the APAC market, contributing to overall market growth.

Competitive Landscape

The prominent players of the global bentonite market include Minerals Technologies Inc., Imerys S.A., Clariant International Ltd, Ashapura Group, Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC (BPM), American Colloid Company, Çanbensan Bentonite, NCC, and among others

Market Segmentation

Market By Product Type


Market By Application

Foundry Sands
Iron Ore Pelletizing
Cat Litter
Drilling Mud
Civil Engineering

Market By Geography

North America
•    U.S.
•    Canada

•    U.K.
•    Germany
•    France
•    Spain
•    Rest of Europe

•    China
•    Japan
•    India
•    Australia
•    South Korea
•    Rest of Asia-Pacific

Latin America
•    Brazil 
•    Mexico
•    Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa
•    GCC
•    South Africa
•    Rest of Middle East & Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

Bentonite market is expected to reach a market value of around US$ 3.0 Bn by 2028.

The bentonite market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8.5% from 2021 to 2028.

Based on product type, solid segment is the leading segment in the overall market.

Rising demand from the end-user industry is one of the prominent factors that drive the demand for bentonite market.

Minerals Technologies Inc., Imerys S.A., Clariant International Ltd, Ashapura Group, Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC (BPM), American Colloid Company, Çanbensan Bentonite, NCC, and among others.

North America is anticipated to grab the highest market share in the regional market

Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market in the forthcoming years

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