Zeolite Catalysts Market Growing Natural Gas Production Influencing Positively on the Growth

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

Zeolite catalyst has a relatively porous structure which makes it suitable to be used in the nuclear, petrochemical, refrigeration across numerous end-use industries. The catalyst is available in natural forms; however, the consumption of synthetic zeolite is higher than natural form. The zeolite catalysts are effective in the gas separation; burgeoning demand for the effective gas separation techniques in order to cater growing demand for fuel and gas is propelling its adoption. The high demand from the gas manufacturers is a key factor responsible for the growth of the global zeolite catalysts market.

Thanks to this demand, the global zeolite catalysts market are anticipated to grab the value of US$ 8 bn by 2025 by expanding with 4.8% over the forecast period from 2018 to 2025.

However, the factors such as unstable prices of zeolite products and growing adoption of the bio-based alternatives are hampering the growth of the zeolite catalysts market.

Here are more points which explain more about the market:

  • 3A segment is witnessing reckless growth in zeolite catalyst market owing to rising demand for molecular sieve 3A for dehydration of hydrocarbons and drying of gases. A major application of 3A segment across natural gases drying such as ethylene and petrol is helping 3A to dominate the global zeolite catalyst market.
  • Zeolite catalysts have wide-ranging applications in cross numerous sectors including natural gas production and petroleum refining. The growing need for petroleum globally and especially across the North America region is leading to make the dominant region. Also, the growing production of shale gas in the US is heightening production of natural gas and in turn is enhancing demand for the zeolite catalysts.
  • Growing petrochemicals productions is booming the demand for the zeolite catalysts in order to cater to the demand for the petrochemicals and gases is supporting the growth of the global zeolite catalysts market.
  • Some of the prominent players operating in the global zeolite catalysts market are Eurecat, Clariant, UOP (Honeywell), and Tosoh Corporation.

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