Crowdsourced Testing Market Size - Global Industry, Share, Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2023 - 2032

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The Global Crowdsourced Testing Market Size accounted for USD 2.6 Billion in 2022 and is projected to achieve a market size of USD 7.2 Billion by 2032 growing at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2023 to 2032.

Crowdsourced Testing Market Key Highlights

  • Global Crowdsourced Testing Market revenue is expected to increase by USD 7.2 Billion by 2032, with a 10.8% CAGR from 2023 to 2032
  • North America region led with more than 33% of Crowdsourced Testing Market share in 2022
  • Asia-Pacific Crowdsourced Testing Market growth will record a CAGR of around 12.6% from 2023 to 2032
  • By testing type, the usability testing segment dominated the market with the highest market of 25% in 2022
  • By application, the mobile applications segment captured more than 41% of market share in 2022
  • Rise in the number of operating systems, devices, and applications, drives the Crowdsourced Testing Market value

Crowdsourced Testing Market Trends

Crowdsourced testing is a dynamic and innovative approach to software testing, where an organization leverages a diverse and global community of external testers, often referred to as a "crowd," to assess the quality and functionality of their software applications. Instead of relying solely on in-house quality assurance teams, crowdsourced testing allows companies to access a vast pool of testers with varying devices, operating systems, and geographic locations. These testers use their own hardware and provide feedback on issues like usability, functionality, performance, and compatibility. This approach helps organizations uncover bugs, glitches, and user experience problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, ultimately leading to more robust and user-friendly software products.

The market for crowdsourced testing has experienced significant growth over the past few years and is expected to continue expanding in the future. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing complexity of software applications, the need for rapid development and deployment cycles, and the desire for diverse testing perspectives. Companies are recognizing the value of crowdsourced testing in terms of cost-effectiveness, scalability, and the ability to identify critical issues early in the development process. Furthermore, the global nature of crowdsourced testing allows organizations to address localization and regional-specific concerns, making it an attractive option for companies with a global user base.

Crowdsourced Testing Market Drivers

Global Crowdsourced Testing Market Trends

Market Drivers

  • Increasing complexity of software applications
  • Need for faster development and release cycles
  • Diverse testing perspectives and real-world conditions
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability
  • Global localization and regional-specific testing demands

Market Restraints

  • Security and confidentiality concerns
  • Quality control and management of remote testers

Market Opportunities

  • Integration of AI and automation with crowdsourced testing
  • Growth in mobile and IoT application testing

Crowdsourced Testing Market Report Coverage

Market Crowdsourced Testing Market
Crowdsourced Testing Market Size 2022 USD 2.6 Billion
Crowdsourced Testing Market Forecast 2032 USD 7.2 Billion
Crowdsourced Testing Market CAGR During 2023 - 2032 10.8%
Crowdsourced Testing Market Analysis Period 2020 - 2032
Crowdsourced Testing Market Base Year
Crowdsourced Testing Market Forecast Data 2023 - 2032
Segments Covered By Component, By Testing Type, By Organization Size, By Application, By Industry Vertical, And By Geography
Regional Scope North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
Key Companies Profiled Global App Testing, Digivante Limited, Infosys Limited, Ubertesters Inc., test IO Inc., Testbirds B.V., Synack, Inc., Rainforest QA, Inc., Applause App Quality Inc., msg systems ag, Synack Inc., and Userfeel Ltd.
Report Coverage
Market Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Competitive Analysis, Player Profiling, Covid-19 Analysis, Regulation Analysis
Crowdsourced Testing Market Dynamics

Crowdsourced testing can encompass a wide range of testing types, including functional, usability, compatibility, security, and performance testing. Testers are typically paid based on their contributions, such as bug reports, feedback, and test cases, providing an incentive for their active participation. The application of crowdsourced testing is vast and extends to various industries and scenarios. One primary use case is in web and mobile application testing, where companies can access a global pool of testers to identify usability issues, functional bugs, and compatibility problems across different devices and browsers. Crowdsourced testing is also valuable for game developers, who can engage gamers from around the world to assess gameplay, graphics, and user experience. Additionally, it is employed in security testing, where ethical hackers and security experts in the crowd can help identify vulnerabilities in software and websites. Crowdsourced testing is adaptable and cost-effective, making it an essential part of modern software development processes, enabling companies to achieve high-quality software that meets user expectations.

The crowdsourced testing market has been experiencing significant growth over the past few years, driven by the ever-increasing demand for high-quality software applications in a fast-paced digital landscape. One of the primary factors fueling this growth is the rising complexity of software systems, with companies developing applications for various platforms, devices, and operating systems. Crowdsourced testing provides an effective solution for testing across diverse environments, enabling organizations to identify and rectify bugs, usability issues, and other quality concerns before they reach end-users. This market growth is also driven by the need for rapid development and deployment cycles, as organizations strive to stay competitive by delivering new features and updates quickly while maintaining software quality.

Crowdsourced Testing Market Segmentation

The global Crowdsourced Testing Market segmentation is based on component, testing type, organization size, application, industry vertical, and geography.

Crowdsourced Testing Market By Component

  • Services
  • Platform

According to crowdsourced testing industry analysis, the platform segment held the largest market share in 2022. One significant factor contributing to this growth is the emergence of specialized crowdsourced testing platforms that cater to specific industry verticals or testing requirements. These platforms offer tailored testing services, helping companies address niche needs effectively. For example, platforms focusing on mobile app testing have thrived as the mobile app ecosystem continues to expand. Similarly, there are platforms specializing in security testing, usability testing, or compatibility testing, allowing organizations to choose services that align precisely with their software testing needs. Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into crowdsourced testing platforms has been a key driver of growth.

Crowdsourced Testing Market By Testing Type

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Others

In terms of testing type, the usability testing segment is dominating the market in 2022. Usability testing focuses on evaluating how easily users can interact with software applications and websites, identifying areas for improvement in terms of navigation, design, and overall user satisfaction. Crowdsourced usability testing has become a popular choice for businesses seeking diverse user perspectives and real-world feedback. One of the key drivers of growth in the usability testing segment is the global reach and diversity of crowdsourced testers. By tapping into a vast pool of testers from different demographics, regions, and backgrounds, organizations can obtain valuable insights into how their products resonate with a broad user base. This diversity ensures that usability issues are identified comprehensively, leading to more user-friendly and market-responsive software applications.

Crowdsourced Testing Market By Organization Size

  • Large Enterprises
  • SMEs

According to the crowdsourced testing market forecast, the SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) segment is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. SMEs, often constrained by limited budgets and resources, have found crowdsourced testing to be a cost-effective solution for ensuring the quality of their software applications. This growth is driven by several factors, including the need for SMEs to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace and the desire to provide a seamless user experience to their customers. One of the primary drivers behind the growth of the SMEs segment is the scalability of crowdsourced testing. SMEs can tap into a global network of testers on an as-needed basis, allowing them to perform comprehensive testing across a wide range of devices and platforms without the need to maintain a dedicated in-house testing team.

Crowdsourced Testing Market By Application

  • Mobile Applications
  • Native Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications

Based on the application, the mobile applications segment is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. Mobile applications have become central to businesses across various industries, making the need for comprehensive testing more critical than ever. Crowdsourced testing has emerged as an effective solution for addressing the unique challenges posed by mobile app development. One of the primary drivers of growth in this segment is the diverse array of mobile devices, operating systems, and screen sizes in use today. Crowdsourced testing enables organizations to tap into a global pool of testers with access to various mobile devices and configurations, ensuring comprehensive compatibility testing. This diversity of devices and testers helps identify issues related to usability, performance, and functionality across a broad spectrum of real-world scenarios.

Crowdsourced Testing Market By Industry Vertical

  • BFSI
  • IT & telecom
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Others

In terms of industry verticals, the BFSI sector has been experiencing significant growth in recent years. As the BFSI industry relies heavily on software applications for customer interactions, transaction processing, and data security, the need for rigorous testing to ensure the reliability, security, and regulatory compliance of these applications is paramount. Crowdsourced testing offers an effective solution for addressing these critical requirements. One of the primary drivers of growth in the BFSI segment is the increasing complexity and sophistication of financial software applications. These applications often need to support various financial products, services, and compliance regulations across different regions and markets. Crowdsourced testing provides BFSI organizations with access to a diverse pool of testers who can evaluate applications for functionality, security, and user experience across a wide range of scenarios, platforms, and locations.

Crowdsourced Testing Market Regional Outlook

North America

  • U.S.
  • Canada


  • U.K.
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe


  • India
  • Japan
  • China
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Rest of Latin America

The Middle East & Africa

  • South Africa
  • GCC Countries
  • Rest of the Middle East & Africa (ME&A)

Crowdsourced Testing Market Regional Analysis

Geographically, North America has emerged as a dominating region in the crowdsourced testing market in 2022. North America, particularly the United States, possesses a robust technological infrastructure that fosters the growth of the crowdsourced testing market. The region is home to a large number of tech companies, startups, and innovation hubs, creating a fertile ground for the adoption of cutting-edge testing practices. This ecosystem encourages the development of crowdsourced testing platforms, tools, and services, driving market expansion. North America hosts a diverse range of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, all of which rely heavily on software applications. As businesses in these sectors strive to maintain a competitive edge, they are increasingly turning to crowdsourced testing to ensure the quality, performance, and security of their software products. The demand for crowdsourced testing services is driven by the need to deliver seamless user experiences and maintain data security, which are critical factors in North America's tech-savvy and highly regulated business environment.

Crowdsourced Testing Market Player

Some of the top crowdsourced testing market companies offered in the professional report include Global App Testing, Digivante Limited, Infosys Limited, Ubertesters Inc., test IO Inc., Testbirds B.V., Synack, Inc., Rainforest QA, Inc., Applause App Quality Inc., msg systems ag, Synack Inc., and Userfeel Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market size of crowdsourced testing was USD 2.6 Billion in 2022.

The CAGR of crowdsourced testing is 10.8% during the analysis period of 2023 to 2032.

The key players operating in the global market are including Global App Testing, Digivante Limited, Infosys Limited, Ubertesters Inc., test IO Inc., Testbirds B.V., Synack, Inc., Rainforest QA, Inc., Applause App Quality Inc., msg systems ag, Synack Inc., and Userfeel Ltd.

North America held the dominating position in crowdsourced testing industry during the analysis period of 2023 to 2032.

Asia-Pacific region exhibited fastest growing CAGR for market of crowdsourced testing during the analysis period of 2023 to 2032.

The current trends and dynamics in the crowdsourced testing industry include increasing complexity of software applications, need for faster development and release cycles, and diverse testing perspectives and real-world conditions.

The platform component held the maximum share of the crowdsourced testing industry.

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