Electrical Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market (By Product: Head Protection [Arc Rated Hoods, Protective Hoods, Hard Hats], Hearing protection [Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs], Eye & Face Protection [Face Shield, Safety Glasses], Hand Protection [Insulating Gloves, Leather Protective Sleeves], Arc Rated Clothing, Protective Footwear; By End-use: Electrical [Power generation, Distribution, Transmission, Electrical welding], Automotive, Oil & Gas, Machinery, Construction, Mining) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026

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The global electrical safety personal protective equipment (PPE) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2019 to 2026 and reach around US$ 21 billion by 2026.

Personal protection equipment for electrical security is a safety device used in order to reduce electrical exposure in industry or in workplaces causing severe mortality. These fatalities can lead to serious injuries or death by direct or indirect contact with faulty electric connections. It has features including flame resistance and flame propagation, tear resistance and dimension change, and thermal arc resistance.

These products are used in machinery, oil & gas, electricity, mining, building and car industries. The products used include head shield, eye & face shield, hearing shields, arched robes, protective footwear and hand shield. Awareness of safety of workers and strict government regulations will encourage the growth of the EPP electrical safety market.

The report provides analysis of global PPE market for the period 2015-2026, wherein 2019 to 2026 is the forecast period and 2018 is considered as the base year.

Market Dynamics

The growing demand for EPP electric safety should increase due to the propensity of employers to worker safety. Strict regulations for occupational safety & safety by government agencies including OSHA and the EU Union mandated safety equipment types that would accelerate the demand for EPP electrical safety products for respective sectors. The factory staffs use electro-safety PPE to reduce electricity exposure in workplaces that can lead to severe fatalities and should stimulate demand for products. Utilities such as fire resistance, insulation, tear resistance & dimensional modification and arc-thermal resistance that should drive the growth of industry.

Increasing innovations in PPE due to the use to lightweight products of premium quality fabrics should accelerate demand for products. Shifting consumer preferences to combine superior safety and enhanced esthetics should drive growth in the industry. The growing demand for electricity has propelled the energy distribution market due to fast urbanization and industrialization. Electricity safety PPE product demand should be propelled by increasing incidents including electrocution, elevation drop, falling-object injuries, exercises, electrical shock, sprains, strains & lacerations, etc. The development and government support of the smart grid technology to facilitate effective distribution of power will encourage the demand for the PEP product during the installation phase to stimulate growth for the industry.

The use of protective gloves dermatitis allergens through dirt, sweat and bacteria in EPP will reduce workers ' effectiveness if demand for the product is hammered. The effect of this will be reduced. High-quality use of fabrics leading to increased costs for compliance can threaten the profitability of electrical safety PPE industry, affecting the trends in market prices.

Product Outlook

At the end of 2026, it is estimated that Arc rated clothing market will exceed USD 3.7 billion. Due to the use of arc welding equipment, arc-rated clothing is used mainly to build infrastructural facilities such as tanks and pipes during the development of wastewater management. Arc rated clothing offers absorption, air circulation and electrical insulation during the carbonization process that should boost product demand. The growing development of waste water management in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and paper & pulp industrie is expected to accelerate the growth of EPP's electric safety market.

The market size of protective footwear is projected to exceed 5.6 percent by 2026. The protection against live wire exposure, leading to electrical shock, combustible and explosive explosions, is predominantly used in the building sector, which should accelerate product demand. Wide use, thanks to flames and electrical resistance, wear / wear strength, and breathability, of the electrical safety PPE market, of nylon mesh, leather, rubber, and composite materials for electrical footwear manufacturing in the construction sector.

End Use Outlook

By 2026, the volume of the mining Electrical Safety PPE market may increase by over 6.5%. Most of the equipment that is used for safely mining operations including hard hats, safety glass, hearing, hand & head protection. Increasing arc flash accidents in the mining sector should stimulate demand for the production of energized electrical equipment for transmission and boiling activity. The expansion of mining industries should encourage demand for products due to rising commodities, including iron ore, copper and coal.

Machinery application Electrical safety PPE market size could expect to exceed USD 799 million by 2026. During machinery operations that should speed up product demand, safety glasses, hearing protection and shoes are used for the most part. These products offer electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic electrical power supply protection against electrical hazards that are intended to drive growth of the industry.

Regional Stance

The EPI market for electrical security in the Asian Pacific region led by China, Japan, and India forecasted a growth of more than 6.7% by 2026. Increased production activities mainly in India thanks to the initiative "Make in India" that supports FDI inflows to promote the manufacturing industry to boost product demand for electrical safety equipment. Increased product demand in the manufacturing sector should stimulate industry growth due to risks, including fire, explosion and arc flash.

By 2026, the EPI electrical safety market in Europe, driven by Great Britain, Italy, France and Germany could exceed $5.4 billion. Increasing governments ' investments in developmentally supported renewable energy sources should accelerate the power generation sector in Germany and in France, in particular, should boost regional demand for PPE products. The supportive government rules, including the EU Directive 2016/425 of 9 March 2016 on personal safety equipment, providing for safety standards sold on the European market, will promote the expansion of regional industries.

Due to the growing automotive industry, the EPI market in Brazil can witness growth in the expected timeframe. Advanced government projects including Route 2030 guaranteeing the security of investors that have enabled FDI to increase the growth of the electrical safety PPE industry in the automotive sector.

Market Segmentation

Global PPE Market, By Product

  • Head Protection
    • Arc Rated Hoods
    • Protective Hoods
    • Hard Hats
  • Hearing protection
    • Ear Muffs
    • Ear Plugs
  • Eye & Face Protection
    • Face Shield
    • Safety Glasses
  • Hand Protection
    • Insulating Gloves
    • Leather Protective Sleeves
  • Arc Rated Clothing
  • Protective Footwear

Global PPE Market, By End-use

  • Electrical
    • Power generation
    • Distribution
    • Transmission
    • Electrical welding
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Machinery
  • Construction
  • Mining

Global PPE Market, By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

The market research study on “Electrical Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026” offers detailed insights on global PPE market segments with market dynamics and their impact. The report also covers basic technology development policies.

Key Players & Strategies

The EPI market share is competitive and moderately fragmented in global electrical security. Significant manufacturers include MSA Company, Rock Fall Limited, UVEX Safety Group Gmbh, Baymro Safety, Ansell Ltd, USDYOSIGI Safety Equipment private limitée, COFRA S.R.L., 3 M Company, Paulson Manufacturing Corporation; Honeywell International, Inc, and Boddingthons Electric Ltd.

Manufacturers of Electrical Safety PPE products are involved in product improvements including high performance, light weight, respiration and durability, as well as the esthetic characteristics of their products, which will promote the growth of industry. Companies partner in developing and catering for rising global demand with different research institutes.

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