Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market (By Type: IBS-D [Viberzi, Xifaxan, Others], IBS-C [Amitiza, Linzess/Constella, Others]; By Product: Viberzi, Linzess/Constella, Xifaxan, Amitiza, Others) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026

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According to Acumen Research and Consulting, the global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment market is expected to grow at noteworthy CAGR around 9.8 % throughout the forecast period and reach around US$ 3.4 billion by 2026.

IBS is a gastrointestinal functional disorder of the intestine that is characterized by contractions of the colon muscle. The big intestine is affected by irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel disorder is linked to bowel malfunction and happens mainly in the elderly. Bowel function and bloating constipation, diarrhea, abdomen, disturbances and discomfort are some of the prevalent symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. This syndrome is usually tested in the blood and endoscopied. Bowel syndrome irritation is a prevalent condition. The irritable bowel syndrome is not completely cured.

The report provides analysis of global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment market for the period 2015-2026, wherein 2019 to 2026 is the forecast period and 2018 is considered as the base year.

Market Insights

The increased incidence of target disease and the increased use of medicines for target disease are driving the industry. Furthermore, increasing marketing of current products in various areas over the forecast period is projected to accelerate development. Linzess ' increased acceptance has made a major contribution to sales development in the United States, Europe and Japan. In January 2019, Linzess was adopted in China, which will further increase the industry. The industry is mostly under-served and pharmaceutical companies have significant possibilities in this region for addressing a number of unmet requirements. There are presently a number of promising goods that can further accelerate development under clinical studies. Product sales are expected to increase considerably over the forecast period owing primarily to the growing prevalence of population and marketing of new medicines to treat IBS. Irritable gastrointestinal syndrome is one of the most prevalent functional illnesses, and its worldwide incidence is estimated to be 10-15%. It is estimated that the IBS is affected by around 25-45 million in the US in 2016 according to the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD). About 2 out of 3 patients with IBS are women and most of them under 50 years of age. There is no knowledge of the precise cause of the diseases and symptoms can be a disorder of the interactions between the mind, nervous system and the intestine. This can lead to ordinary bowel feeling and motion modifications. The IFFGD study showed that around 2 000 IBS patients have typically been diagnosed 6.6 years after their symptoms have commenced. Some 20-40% of all gastroenterology patient visits are due to irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. But countless individuals do not know and do not know that their symptoms suggest a disease that is medically recognised. This leads to countless awareness campaigns to increase awareness of the situation.

The IBS Network in the UK, for example. During April 2018, several operations were conducted to solve the disease's stigma. The campaign was designed to assist individuals with IBS and doctors fighting their symptoms. These campaigns and projects are anticipated to increase awareness of the disease and promote therapy for patients. This will accelerate market growth for IBS therapy in turn.

Type Stance

Due to the increased incidence and increased use of drugstuffs like Linzess / Constella and Amitiza, IBS-C was the biggest revenue-generating segment in 2018. In addition, the segment is anticipated to show the fastest growing growth rate of the IBS industry over the prediction era, as promising products such as SYN-010 and Tenapanor, presently undergoing clinical trials, are anticipated to be launched AstraZeneca, Allergan, Ironwood, Astellasand.

Product Stance

Due to variables like the increasing acceptance of the product in significant areas such as the U.S., the UK, Germany, Spain, italy and Japan, Linzess / Constella (Linaclotide) was projected to be the biggest product segment generating income in 2018. In addition, the growth rate in Japan in 2018 in Linzess was considerable. It is predicted that the Linzess / Constella section will record the highest development in the prediction. Linaclotide in the United States is marketed as Linzess by Ironwood and Allergan and is sold as Constella to Allergan in Europe. The exclusive rights to create and market Linaclotide as linzess are exclusively in Japan and China, Astellas and AstraZeneca.

Regional Stance

North America was in 2018 the biggest sales region and the same trend is anticipated over the forecast period. Due to the absence of important players in the industry, a well-established health care infrastructure and higher patient awareness, the region was dominant.

The presence of a big target population and the increasing marketing for IBS products in the area is projected to represent Europe as the fastest growing region over the forecast period. In addition, increasing awareness-raising projects in the region can accelerate market growth. Increased awareness of accessible patient therapy is a key driver on the worldwide irritability of bowel syndrome. Increased patients, increased population aging, rising efficiency demands, an increase in occurrence, prevalence and awareness in irritable bowel syndrome and worldwide bowel syndrome is anticipated to grow the market.

Market Segmentation

Global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market, By Type

  • IBS-D
    • Viberzi
    • Xifaxan
    • Others
  • IBS-C
    • Amitiza
    • Linzess/Constella
    • Others

Global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market, By Product

  • Viberzi
  • Linzess/Constella
  • Xifaxan
  • Amitiza
  • Others

Global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market, By Geography

  • North America.
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

The market research study on “Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026” offers detailed insights on global Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment market segments with market dynamics and their impact. The report also covers basic technology development policies.

It offers an assessment of the recent industry trends for each sub-segment between 2015 and 2026, and anticipates income development at worldwide, regional and nation levels. For this research, on the grounds of the type, product, and region ARC segmented the worldwide Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment market report:

Key Players & Strategies

Some of the key players in the market are Allergan, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc., Bausch Health, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited AstraZeneca, Sebela Pharmaceuticals Inc., Synthetic Biologics, Inc., Astellas Pharma, Inc., and Ardelyx. The main players have adopted distinct approaches for increasing their market share, such as mergers and acquisitions. In April 2015, for example, Bausch Health purchased a portfolio of Salix Pharmaceuticals focusing on gastrointestinal medicine.

In order to expands its market presence, players are also focused on launching their products in distinct areas. Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca obtained marketing permission for Linzess in China in January 2019, for example, to enhance their market position.

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