Microbial Fuel Cell Market Analysis - Global Industry Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2025

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A microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a bio-electrochemical system used to create electricity by using bacteria found in the atmosphere. These bacteria are capable micro creatures that can discard contaminants, and can even produce electricity. Microbial fuel cells (MFC) can extract electrons from their nourishment sources. Along these lines, they can even transform simple soil into an origin of vitality. In wastewater treatment, the use of MFCs had created new business opportunities for market players. Microbes eliminate electrons from organic medium and transmit them to the anode present in anaerobic chamber. The electrons move across the resistor to the cathode where they combine with protons, and oxygen to form water.

Market Dynamics

A microbial fuel cell is a boon in various complex applications such as water treatment, commercial waste treatment, and hydrogen generation among other as a microbial fuel cell can create electricity from wide range of fuels. A microbial fuel cell can ingest any organic material to generate power and is considered as a promising factor fueling the market growth. However, a microbial fuel cell cannot generate consistent primary power and is operative until the microbes are kept alive. Change in temperature, fuel, and contaminants could all pose a problem to the commercial MFCs and such factors are halting the market growth. MFCs are capable of transforming chemical energy into electricity and are a clean, safe and easy source of electrical power which is attracting a huge profit ascertaining future market.

Market Classification

A microbial fuels cell market can be classified by application, function, industry and geography. Based on function, the market is classified into microbial electrolysis, mediator type, soil based, and phototrophic and others. Based on application MFC are classified into education, power generation, biosensor etc. Based on industry, the market can be classified into medical sector, agriculture, education, food and beverages and others. On the basis of geography, the market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Asia-Pacific.

Report Coverage


Microbial Fuel Cell Market

Analysis Period

2014 – 2024

Historic Data

2014 – 2015

Base Year


Forecast Data

2017 – 2024

Market Stratification

Application, Function, Industry, Geography

Regional Scope

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Report Coverage

Market Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, Competitive Analysis,

Player Profiling, Value Chain Analysis


Market Participants

Few market players operating in microbial fuel cell market are Triqua International BV, Cambrian Innovation Inc., Emefcy, MICROrganic Technologies, Inc., Microbial Robotics LLC, and Prongineer R&D Ltd. among others.

Market Segmentation

Market By Application

·         Education

·         Power generation

·         Water waste treatment

·         Biorecovery

·         Biosenor

·         Others

Market By Functions

·         Microbial electrolysis

·         Mediator type

·         Soil based

·         Phototrophic biolfilm

·         Others

Market By Industry

·         Medical

·         Agriculture

·         Education

·         Food and Beverages

·         Others

Market By Geography

·         North America

o   US

o   Canada

o   Mexico

·         Europe

o   UK

o   Germany

o   France

o   Rest of Europe

·         Asia-Pacific

o   China

o   Japan

o   India

o   Australia

o   Rest of Asia-Pacific

·         Latin America

o   Brazil

o   Chile

o   Rest of Latin America

·         Middle East and Africa (MEA)

o   South Africa

o   Saudi Arabia

o   Rest of MEA

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