Global Automotive Headlamp Reflector Market Rise In Automobile Production Drives Growth

Author : Acumen Research and Consulting

Automotive headlight reflector is used for the purpose of assisting the driver of a vehicle to have clear visibility during night and overcast weather conditions. It directs the light rays from the bulb into a concentrated beam of light. Multi reflector all- LED lamps are a main focus in APAC for their vehicles. LED though costly, has various competitive advantages; and thus it is gaining immense popularity. The limitation of LED includes distinct difference in light output due to limited angle range in projector headlamps that cannot be eliminated beyond the limit. This further makes its cost lesser than reflector headlamp. Koito Japan and Lucas TVS have developed all- LED lamps with multi reflector consisting both low and high beams. There are several advantages underlying multi reflector headlamps including the cost benefit. A new technology which has made it possible to achieve a favorable beam pattern produced by reflector surface, leaving a cover lens with protective function has been developed; namely Free- form reflector technology.

A combination of factors has been pushing the growth of global automotive headlamp reflector market. Increased growth of automobile production and high acceptance of LED in premium segment vehicles and electric vehicles are the significant causes behind the growth. The market value of the global automotive headlamp market is expected to touch almost 1.29 billion by 2025 with growth of CAGR at 4% through the forecast period of 2018 to 2025.

Here are some more points to explain about the global automotive headlamp market:

  • The Asia- Pacific region is likely to continue holding the largest market share in the aforesaid forecast period. It can be classified into the matured automotive market comprising of regions like Japan and South Korea and the second is that of developing countries including China and India. While the first category is facing a declining demand of headlamp reflectors due to the shift of automotive production to developing countries; the second category is witnessing a continuous rise in demand pertaining to rise in automobile production and growing urbanization.
  • Properties of Aluminum including relatively ductile, low melting point and machinable along with being cheap, has made it the most widely used metal for headlamp. Even though, sheet steel can provide up to 97% reflectivity while aluminum can provide up to 85-90%, aluminum is preferred due to its excellent quality level and established manufacturing process.
  • In light- type, halogen will continue to dominate the market followed by LED and laser as the fastest growing in the light- type market segment of automotive headlamp reflectors market.
  • The main players of the market include Hella KGAA Hueck & Co., Stanley Electronic Co., Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd., and Koninklijke Philips N.V., to name a few.

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